It is this time of the year. IR professionals are working with their Annual Reports and sifting from analyst infos to conference calls and getting back to the hard work, annual report. And each time you face the same situation. Which would be the headlines and how to get stakeholders interested of the output? What to tell about strategy or the crisis we had?

IR communications is the hardest communications form. There are plenty of legislations from government side and different kind of rules from stock exchanges. And not to forget the good corporate governance. There are last minute updates from auditors and it requires 24/7 surveillance between legal, finance and IR communications officers.

Company´s IR story is targeted to different kind of professional stakeholders like analysts, investors and financial journalists.  And more often companies are using social media channels to deliver the message to a broader audience.  In that jungle how to get your message heard, how to establish credibility and how to accelerate your relationships?

Company´s IR story should focus on your key messages related to your strategy, vision and relevant key metrics. Financial communications in not only numbers, it is more often about the strategy and the communications itself: how do you deliver your message? How reliable, sound and transparent company´s C-suite is? What is the first impression of a CEO or a CFO?

Investors and portfolio managers are listening several stories per day. What makes your IR story different? Is it the way how the company is telling about the strategy and updated situation, or is it the market potential with relevant KPIs or is it the way the C-suite is presenting the story? All these matter.

Nowadays CEOs and CFOs have to be more entrepreneurs than officials. If you are passionate about your story you get more confidence and trust than otherwise. And yes, we know: you have to repeat your story so many times that you are bored to death. But this is the way how portfolio managers can make their handpicked investments, not for this quarter but for a longer term profitable and sustainable investment.

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