10_03_-®Agence Rudy RicciottiIt all started in 2005. A dream about music, arts, literature and ballet with passion, at the same place.  It is about music with the very best acoustics of the world. Where this could be? The first concert in this magnificient music house could already sound in 2017/2018 and where..in Gstaad.

–        We wanted to create a place where our quest can enjoy the very best music of the world and enjoy also the art exhibition, literature and ballet, says Markus Kappeler-Steffen, President of the Foundation Board, Les Arts Gstaad Foundation.

The designer of this inspirational hall is French architect Rudy Ricciotti, a man behind the Museum of European and Mediterranean Civilisation in Marseilles  and with Grand Prix National a´Architeture. According to Ricciotti, the concert hall will reflect local traditions with wooden spirit and the aim is to enrich the beautiful landscape and nature. And one cannot say more. The pictures of this music hall are master pieces.

A place for 1200 people

It is calculated that the construction of this music hall will take 4 years, while there will be infrastructure changes in the town Gstaad. According to the plan, there is a need for a new tunnel and new street in order the get the logistic working. The new music hall will be placed by the Gstaad railway station.

The new concert hall in Saanenland will have places for 1200 people, and it will challenge the music places in Lucerne, Genf and Zurich.  The idea is to offer weekend stays with high-class music concerts and international art exhibition with lux atmosphere.

The concert hall will be energy efficiency and take the environment requirements into account in different part of the house. There is calculated to be 30-40 concerts in a year and 300-400 visitors per day.

Whether the new building will use for example Leed certification or something else is still under consideration. This project could get the Platinum level of Leed with all the logistic, material and transportation aspects. So, it is no wonder that investors are interested of this fantastic building. It is estimated that the building construction cost could be 100 million CHF.

Focus on interior and design

The focus is to get the best possible acoustics in the house inside. The concert hall will be designed to give a very warm and welcoming feeling.

–        It is our way of thinking that people come here to see and listen to music and that they can feel themselves relaxed and cozy at the same time, he says. And the aim of the concert hall is to make a music building one cannot find in Europe elsewhere.

Part of the building will be underground, but the rest of the building will be like a haystack in a field. The building is a mixture of wooden aroma, harmony with the mountains and emphasis on high-quality. This house will create its own magnificient place to present and play international and local arts in a modern way, but still with tradition.

Päivi Härkönen

images: Agence Rudy Ricciotti, Les Arts Gstaad

ComteamPUB+ is also sponsoring Les Arts Gstaad project and 15 per cent of the branded content ammount will be forwarded to the fund of the project. More information you can find here:

Les Arts Gstaad

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