Employer branding is about the building of the total value of corporate assets. These intangible assets are becoming more and more important in M&A deals, getting the best talent and building the company brand and imago in the markets. We know that the younger generation has paid attention to these items for a long time, but I would say that the older generation is also moving towards this direction. Change has become an initial part of the HR and Communications Departments.

One essential part of employer branding is the engagement itself inside and outside the company. For company executives values are the most important guidance of everyday work in order to achieve the targets, whether they are financial or sustainable targets. And this needs engagement in different forms. One on ones, group meetings, intranet, HR magazine, interviews and surveys are the first tools to engage with employees and get the feeling what they are thinking about.

After these steps it is then easier to have different forms and functions to enhance the employer branding, inside and outside. I find different kind of unite initiatives the most rewarding ones for employees. The initiatives varies according to the industry sector and resources available. It is vital for corporations to think twice which NGOs or which public organizations are relevent to the business strategy. Public private co-opeartion has been one of the drivers in this field.

Employer branding is also about transparency, openness and communications. But it is also about how to measure the outcomes and how these actions have improved company´s overall reputation and brand value. And in the future it is more common to see sustainability targets embedded in the corporate targets and actions. And this needs new thinking; rethinking.

Päivi Härkönen


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