There has been trend in the past few years that mobile phones are getting bigger and bigger. The most sold smartphone model in the market is Samsung Note 3, with 5,7inch display. Note 3 was huge success because 10 million units were sold just within 2 months of the launch. This phablet is special because just this model alone approached 50% of all Apple’s iPhone sales.

And now Apple is getting into the phablet game. IPhone 6 is rumoured to come with 2 different models, one with 4,7inch screen and the other with 5,5inch (iPhone 5c/5/5s has 4inch display). This model is one of the most interesting launches of the year, and not only because it’s an iPhone, more because what is their answer to the growing trend of phablets. Atleast i’m really looking forward to it.

As mentioned earlier Samsung Note 3 was huge succes and now in Q4 Samsung is rumoured to launch Note 4 and new smartwatch, Samsung Gear 3. There has been many rumors what would the Note 4 be like, rumors including 3-sided display, 4K resolution display and more, nobody really knows what information is sure. But one thing is, it’s gonna be better in anyway (of course, like will be it’s competitor iPhone 6 compared to older iPhone 5s). But one rumor really hit me, smartwatch Gear 3 might have a sim slot so you could use it for calling people without linking it to your phone.

Now, when you have a new high-end smartphone and a smartwatch and you want to answer incoming call with smartwatch, how do you listen to it without everyone around you hearing what in this case the caller has to say? Answer would be wireless headphones with connection like bluetooth.

Apple bought Dr. Dre Beats, company that makes headphones in early 2014. Samsung has it’s own serie of headphones called Level. Looks like two big mobilephone manufacturers are taking over the headphones market for mobile users and smartwatches becoming more and more popular, those wireless earpods would be very handy!

Both phones ( Apple iPhone 6 & Samsung Note 4 ) are expected to be launch in August / September 2014 because that’s the time of year when these two mobile manufacturers usually unveil their new models in their own conferences.


Ville Koski


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