After spending some time in the London cafes – I noticed a splendid book about coffee. “The London Coffee Guide” by Jeffrey Young and Guy Simpson is an excellent guide to the world of coffee. I did not know that coffees are scored by different attributes like: aroma, flavour, aftertaste, acidity, body, sweetness, cleanliness, unoformity and balance.

But yes, one can learn always. For example sweet coffee can be delicate, mild, nippy or piquant. And sour coffee tangry, tart, hard or acrid. This is art like wine tasting. In London everybody can find their own favourite place to have some relaxing time with coffee and croisants, cinnemons or chokolade cookies. Or all together..?

For many customers coffee houses are places when you can read, write or meet friends. For me I appreciate also a wide variety of different magazines, newspapers and brochures. Sometimes it is good to leave the tablet on the table and consentrate with the paper printing.

Last time I really did find a coffee house, that offered the best of almond croissants in the city. Visit Apostrophe in the Baker Street, 19 and you find that the croissants that you can nor forget. Latte and almond croissant together 4,40 pounds.

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