Responsible Investment organization ´s (PRI)  managing director Fiona Reynolds says that the low carbon Montreal pledge initiative for investors is targeting 3 trillion dollars by Paris 2015 talks. ComteamPUB+ met her in Helsinki while she was one of the keynote speakers in EarthRate´s ESG conference in January 22nd 2015.

– There is lot of discussions about low carbon and climate change issues among investors. Especially the Paris 2015 negotiations, where we hope to see a global agreement around climate change issues. So the first thing for investor is to understand your fund and its exposure to carbon assets. Then it is easy to make possible judgements in the portfolio. Montreal carbon pledge targets 3 trillion dollars before the Paris 2015 talks and we have now 15 investors that have signed the initiative, says managing director Fiona Reynolds in Helsinki.

Mrs Reynolds also says that this decision may not be easy one and investors normally start with the equities in their portfolios.

– Although there are some investors that have taken the initiative to all their asset classes. This is also a possibility for investors to engage with companies and have a dialoque about how to transit from high carbon to low carbon economy, she reminds.

Montreal carbon pledge was launched in Montreal, Canada September 2014. This is the first step for investors to measure and disclose the carbon footprint of their equities portfolios on an annual basis. At the moment for example these signatories have signed the initiative: AP funds, Nordea, Calvert and Calpers.

Interview: Päivi Härkönen


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