The Chairman of Unilever Board Mr. Michael Treschow says that it is important that Boards recognise the long and short term indicators for the sustainability in order to gain success from it. He was speaking in a webinar organized by the Conferenceboard Canada and B.Accountability on Thursday 26th February.

According to Treschow it is important in the future to balance the targets. Unilever has stated that the company will reduce its environmental impact to half by 2020 from the year 2010 levels and to continue to growth.

According to the company web site Unilever has avoided costs of over 350 million euros since 2008 by focusing on more sustainable solutions. The company has also stated that they have committed to sourcing 100 per cent of their palm oil from certified and traceable sources by 2020.

Unilever has published its guidelines and according to that the company will report the financial figures twice a year instead of every quarter.

According to Treschow Unilever has put effort on corporate communications in order to meet the expectations of different stakeholders.

He was also commenting about good governance and stated that Boards need to be more in connection to business than perhaps ever before, but also that Boards need to be more diversified than before.

Unilever is one of the leading companies in food production and it is estimated that food production needs to increase by 70 per cent to meet global demand in 2050.


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