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The European Fine Art Fair (TEFAF) is the leading art fair in the world with presenting 275 world’s leading galleries from 20 different countries and circa 75 000 visitors attend the fair annually. Every piece of art is examined carefully by international experts and in 2015 total of 175 international experts made sure the art pieces which are shown are in best condition and quality. This is to make sure it is possible to buy the work of art without being insecure. The fair is held annually in Maastricht, which is the southernmost city in The Netherlands. During the 10 day TEFAF there are much going on in Maastricht, after visiting the fair it is possible to enjoy high-quality shows of dance, opera, jazz and on the second weekend of TEFAF there is event called City Polo Maastricht, which is held right in the city centre. The visitors of the art fair vary from everyone who is interested in arts to very wealthy and internationally recognizable persons and every year about 225 representatives of world’s most prestigious museums also attend the fair.
The exhibitors of this art fair vary from leading galleries to yacht companies and high-end jewelry manufacturers and the pieces of art have timeframe of 7000 years. The reason why the exhibitors decide to come to TEFAF and Maastricht is really simple, ”because everyone is here, including our clients”. The floor plan of the fair was really nicely planned, each type of art had it’s own section and the hallways were named after famous streets, for example Madison Avenue which led to Times Square in the fair. The floor plan also included Sunset Boulevard, Rembrandt Plein and many other recognizable names. The floor plan of course also included specific business areas.
This art fair is so impressive with about 33 000 pieces of art so there is so much to see and everyone finds something really interesting, even the flower decorations at the entrance are breathtaking. With the other activities outside the art fair during TEFAF it is really a good way to spend a couple of days in beautiful Maastricht.
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Ville Koski

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