The British jewellery 66B-Tourbillon-fleur-_2240-2238-11-330x437and diamond company Graff offered BaselWorld 2015 visitors new excitment: the first lady Floral Tourbillon watch.

– The Floral Tourbillon is a truly unique timepiece, combining the craft and skill of our gemsetting experience, with haute horology and the finest Swiss complications. We developed the Floral Tourbillon in line with increased appreciation from our female clientele for technical innovation combined with diamond and gemstone timepieces, commenting Michel Pitteloud, Chief Executive Officer at Graff Luxury Watches.

Following the success of Graff Diamonds’ first ladies mechanical watch collection unveiled at Baselworld 2014, Graff has continued to evolve with a new timepiece that combines striking aesthetics, innovative diamond design and complex watchmaking. The Floral Tourbillon is a remarkable piece of engineering, resulting from the close collaboration between Graff’s atelier in London and Graff Luxury Watches in Geneva, taking the expert teams over 2500 hours to develop.

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