Tesla Motors, Inc. (TSLA) is charger and automobile manufacturer, pioneer of the industry. Tesla is currently producing one car, it’s called the Model S. There are four different versions to choose from, major differences between these versions are if the car is equipped with double engines, which gives more power, faster acceleration and is all-wheel drive included or not. The most luxurious choice of these four is called the Model S P85D, it has petrol and electric engines. Those two engines totals up to 691hp, which means acceleration from 0 to 60mph (0-100 km/h) takes only 3,1 seconds and yes, it is an electric sedan. The car fits up to five people, interior is really luxurious and modern with gigantic 17” touchscreen on the dashboard aimed towards the driver. It has the most advanced vehicle interface to date, there is so much you can control with the touchscreen. For example opening panoramic roof is done just by sliding your finger downwards the screen. The interface is not the only thing which makes this car innovative and something we haven’t seen before.

kuva 2

The touchscreen on the dashboard

Näyttökuva 2015-7-1 kello 0.11.33

Interior of Model S










Safetyness is also on the new level, car brakes automatically if it comes too close to car in front of it, using Autopilot Model S changes lanes when just tapping the turn signal, keeps the distance safe between you and the car in front and can park by itself, just to name few features. Therefore Model S was awarded with ”Highest safety rating in America” by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration and MotorTrend named it the ”Best car of the year 2013”.

Easy charging

Tesla has made their own network of charging points, these points are strategically located and they are free to use if you own a Model S. Supercharger points cover basically whole North-America and the west of Europe with some in the Asia-Pasific. Areas covered by charging points are expanding really fast and it’s the fastest way to charge your own Model S. Charging points can be found using the touchscreen or own Tesla app for your smartphone, just a 30min of supercharging gives enough electricity to drive 170 miles (273 kilometers). Other remarkable feature for your car is the Powerwall, it is home battery, that charges using electricity generated from solar panels, during power outages it also keeps your electricity on. One awesome feature regarding charging your car is fuel door is hidden, it’s not possible to see it until you approach the driver’s side taillight with charging connector, thats when the hidden charging port automatically opens.

Design Studio

Tesla has their own Model S Design Studio, which is integrated into their own website. Using the Design Studio it is possible to design your own Model S, as the way you want it. Everything from color of the interior into size of the wheels is possible to change using that tool.

Model S P 85D is equipped with so many features it’s impossible to tell them all, all what is possible to say about this car is it’s something we haven’t seen before. It’s so innovative, game-changer of the industry and it gives us a taste of the future. It is one of the most ecological cars up to date and it can accelerate faster than some super sportcars, while having seats for five people and luxurious interior.

After the summer of 2015 Tesla starts producing new car, called Model X. It’s an electric SUV, which means it’s larger than Model S. Model X will have 7 seats and ‘falcon wing doors’, there is not much information available for the new model, but we will be waiting with great interest, thats for sure.


Ville Koski

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