The CEO of Swedish Pension Fund A4 Mats Andersson believes that it would be possible that EU countries will lead the carbon footprint reporting in the near future. He expects that there will be EU directive , at some point, for investors to report annually their carbon footprint. At the moment this carbon footprint is voluntarily among the institutional investors and there are initiatives like PRI´s Montreal pledge that is urging investors to report on it. The French Goverment maid an Act during the summer to make the carbon footprint reporting obligatory for institutional investors and pension funds.

– I think that Sweden will follow the French steps to make the reporting an obligatory element for institutional investors. And my guess is that this will happen at the end of this year. And later on there might also be this EU directive on this matter, Mr Andersson said before the PRI meeting in London yesterday.

If this kind of EU directive would come into force, it would mean that all the pension funds and Sovereign Wealth Funds have to report on the carbon footprint in their portfolios. This would also mean that companies in the portfolios are urged to act to report on their carbon emissions.

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