The Swedish Finance Minister Per Bolund urges the Swedish AP pension funds to mitigate climate change and to invest more in low carbon. He reminded in the SVD´s interview today, that the financial markets are revaluating fossil fuels and assets.

– It is our duty to mitigate the climate change and make the risks for pensions lower, Bolund stated. He would also like to see that the AP funds would work harder to communicate the climate change and to mitigate it. – We would like that AP funds would be the leaders in this field, he said.

The Swedish Goverment is also considering other changes in the pension system. There are plans that three of AP funds will be merged together, but the fund leaders have been againts the proposal while they are afraid it will raise the risks in the overall pension system. In France the Goverment have guided that all the institutional investors have to calculate the carbon footprint in their portfolios. The aim is to highlight the follow up and reporting on carbon emissions and raise the awareness of climate change.

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