Financial markets are expected to open normally on Monday after the Paris attack. During the attack at least 129 people were killed on the streets and in a concert venue late on Friday night. Several market professionals are expecting the market opening in Asia to be smooth and thus avoiding big changes. This will help the opening bell in Europe as well.

– History will tell us that if the economic impact is limited, and I think it will be, the markets will quickly recover, said head of strategy Shane Oliver from Australia AMP Capital to Reuters.

Euronext, the Paris Stock Exchange also informed during the weekend, that the markets will open normally on Monday. One of the newcomers in the Stock Exchange is Amundi Asset Management, which started trading last week. Amundi´s market cap is about 7,7 billion euros and the company´s IPO was the biggest IPO in Paris in ten years.

The Paris Attack might have some impact on the tourism, while the country is the number one for global travellers. This industry sectors accounts about 7,5 percent of the country´s GDP. The Group20, with leading industry leaders, will meet today on Sunday in Turkey to discuss about the Paris Attack.

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