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PUB+ magazine had the pleasure to test drive the Tesla (TSLA) Model S 70D. This was the first time ever to drive an electric car and it was fun. First of all, it was both easy and the feeling “doing good for the environment” was an extra plus. One can say this disruptive innovation car gives you a good driving touch and the performance is excellent. The overall design of the car is very sporty, luxury and stylish, as a SUV is to be.

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Tesla´s design is very comfortable and lucrative. One development project we have found was the seatbelt system. It could be developed more so that it would be easier to gett off the car. Otherwise all the leather seats and other interior elements were stylish and the colors with nature-feelings were good.

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The enourmous touchscreen on the centre enables you to do several things. The Google Maps and the internet radios for example are great experiences. Now you can have the maps even without the internet connection. You can also stream music via Bluethooth and USB to tailor you own music taste. The touchscreen is also an information desk about your car like the battery charging situation.

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The Supercharger is free of charge for the Tesla users. In the Nordics there are fewer stations but in Europe it is quite easy to go to the next Supercharger station. This is a good reminder of a coffee break and having relaxed time, not standing in the fuel station. If you are charging with the normal household electric charger the one hour charging would enable you to drive about 50 km, so the Supercharger is much faster and more efficient.

This Model S 70D is priced to 110.492 euros, including the VAT of about 20.378 euros in Finland.

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