It is time to think about Paris climate agreement and how companies can start to implement towards low carbon economy. This short memo package will bring the simple elements into the agenda of sustainable actions.

First, lets bring the key points from Paris climate agreement: 

  • Temperature: nations are challenged to work towards 1,5 degree Celcius. 2 degree Celcius should be the maximun level
  • Fossil fuel goal: greenhouse gases from the burning fossil fuels must be equal to the level of planting trees and capturing carbon for permanent underground storage
  • Transparency: nations have to monitor the progress and report every five years starting in 2023 of the targets.

Secondly, what kind of climate actions?

  • Companies can define the climate change strategies and long-term targets for emission reductions goals
  • Companies can manage water and climate risk jointly
  • Companies can switch to renewable energy or take renewable energy certificates
  • Companies can follow the energy consumption in the supply chain
  • Companies can use new technology in order to gain better energy efficiency, automation, logistic and marketing. For example internet of things has great importance for mitigating climate change. And also robotics.
  • Companies can join different climate initiatives to get better understanding and follow up of different energy strategies, mixs and efficiency

Thirdly, why this is important?

According to NASA, last year 2015 was the warmest year ever and scientists say the world has warmed about 1 degree since the industrial revolution.

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