European Insurance companies have faced new capital requirements beginning from this year, while the new Solvency 2 is to implemented in the EU area.

According to Amundi Asset Management Gilbert Soubie, Head of Insurance Business Development, this new situation creates insurance companies the need to re-assess their investments and review their business model. This will also lead to review the asset allocation under new capital constraints and search for  optimized investment strategies.

– Solvency 2 is about risk & return and solvency capital requirement optimization in the portfolios, the two aspect are important, Mr Gilbert Soubie said in an event held in Stockholm this week.

The aim of the new EU-wide legislation is to improve consumer
protection, modernisize the supervision, deepend the EU-market
integration and increase international competitiveness of the  sector.

Amundi Asset Management is the European leading asset management
 coompany with AUM more than 950 billion euros. Amundi has become a
 leading European player in asset management and known also about
product performance and transparency, quality of client relationships based on a long-term advisory approach; efficiency in its organisation
 and teams’ promise to serving its clients and commitment to
sustainable development and socially responsible investment policies.

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