Amundi Real Estate achieved a total volume of 3.6 billion euros in transactions in real estate funds and mandates during last year. This doubles the volume of acquisitions/disposals compared to 2014, representing growth of 111%, the company said in the press release.

Amundi Real Estate carried out acquisitions totalling over 3.4 billion euros through 58 deals totalling more than one million square meters (m2), and sold more than 153 million euros in assets via 21 deals on behalf of the funds it manages. While over 2.4 billion euros was invested in France, almost 30% of acquisitions (in volume) were completed in Europe, notably in Germany, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic.

More than 84% of these transactions were in corporate real estate assets (with 79% office property, 18% shops and shopping centres and 3% hotels). Residential property investments totalled 46 million euros. These are solely investments made in France, mainly on behalf of Malraux-type real estate investment trusts or REITs.

Amundi Real Estate’s assets under management increased by 39 % to 12.9 billion euros at the end of December 2015, due to the strong growth in transaction volume, both in France and internationally. IMG_0872

About Amundi Real Estate Amundi Real Estate is Amundi’s management company specialising in developing, structuring and managing property funds for private investors, private banks and their distributors, institutional investors, large companies and real estate professionals.  Amundi Real Estate has € 12.9bn assets under management. Amundi Real Estate is a subsidiary of Amundi Group.

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