Amundi Asset Management (Amun:FP)  showed net inflows of 13,8 billion euros at the first quarter of 2016, increase of 6 percent  from the beginning of the period according to the company´s interim report.

– The solid net inflows and earnings in the first quarter, achieved in a challenging market environment, are a reflection of the strength of Amundi’s business model, based on broad business diversification by expertise, client segment and region, said the CEO Yves Perrier.


The first quarter showed increase in international segment in retail and increase in institutional investors.The total assets under management were 987 billion euros, of which institutionals were 730 billion euros and 257 billion euros retail.

During the quarter equities were down 2,5 percent to 122 billion euros, multi-assets down 1,2 percent to 166 billion euros, bonds were stable at 490 billion euros and specialized & structured assets were up 8,5 percent to 65 billion euros. Treasuries were up 3,5 percent to 187 billion euros.

Amundi´s net revenues were 395 million euros, down 3,3 percent year-on-year. Gross operating income was 183 million euros, down 5,5 percent. Gross income ratio was stable 53,7 percent. The earnings per share was 0,77 euros. The company share was down one percent in the Paris Stock Exchange on Friday and share closed to 40,19 euros.

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