European stocks continued their slide during the second trading day after the UK Brexit vote. In London the FTSE 100 index lost 2,55 %, German Dax-index – 3 %, Paris CAC40 nearly – 3 %. Helsinki and Stockholm nearly – 8 %. Also the trading in the Wall Street opened down about 2 %.

The financial sector and travel industry were the biggest losers during the day. One of them  was Royal Bank of Scotland, which share was down about 16 %. In the Nordic countries the biggest losers were basic industrials and forest companies. For example the steel company Outokumpu ended down 14,8 %, Nokia was down 9,4 % and Ericsson 7,6 %. Trading volume was high in all the stock exchanges.

The UK 10 year Gilt ended down 1 % and the sterling was its 31 years low against dollar at 1,32. On the other hand the Japanese yen has been up + 17 % from Friday trading.

Over the longer term, lawyers, accountants and consultants are expected to gain in the Brexit settlement.

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