CeBIT Preview 2017Digital transformation is one of the major competitive questions for banking and insurance companies in the near future. The customer expectations and behavior have changed the way bank services are used and shared. One could say one of the major industrial revolution could be summarized in this sentence:  “bring your own device”.

We have seen that large national and international banks have minimized their branch  network and sifted towards online-banking. But this is not enough. According to Digital Banking White Paper from Huawei Technologies and Deloitte, mobility, social channels, data & analytics, customer experience and advanced automation will be game changers.

Leading towards omni-channel services, customers control over channel selection and simplifies the previous fussy process by avoiding repeated information requests.

According to the White Paper, the smart bank strategy profiles customer needs in order to create value for them by applying Big Data technology and cloud computing.  Ultimately, banks will be able to offer superior customer experience with in-depth customer contact and insights.

Fintech, Bitcoin, Blocchain will all have their impact in the financial markets and the latest studies show that large financial institutions are partnering with start-ups in order to make new innovative solutions and gain more customer satisfaction in their service operations.

The Cebit Technology Fairs will be opened during Sunday with Welcome Night with German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzō Abe.

CeBIT Preview 2017


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