Volvo V40 is an excellent car for city driving. The new desing of the car –  functionality, clearness and connectivity are key elements.

For example when you weak up in the morning and notice that you have a winter out there, it is easy to use the pre-heating remotedly from your kitchen – so no need to go out for that. Another key function is the planning of your route. Just plan it by the coffee table and send the driving information to your car. And of course your car is connected to your smartphone like your Apple Watch or Anroid.

Safety is and has been one of the key factors for Volvo. And this new Volvo V40 is also a good example of that. The company has made a target that no one shoud be injured in a new Volvo. And this can be done with the intelligence in the car.

I was very pleased with the city driving with Volvo V40, it acted as I thought the car would do. One development point  still for the designers: noticed that it was not possible to fit my bicycle in the car. Sometimes you just need your sport equipment with you.

This car was a diesel car and countries like the UK, France and maybe China are planning to ban the diesel and petrol cars by 2040. But the questions is will the diesel cars be modified to use for example biodiesel instead in the future? Like algae or the oil from trees? Maybe we see some kind of transit as well.

Anyway, driving a Volvo is always a pleasure, and also in the future.

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