Audi Q7. One of the styliest cars with long traditions but always with high technology. As this one:  Audi Q7 hybrid business e-tron.  The efficiency for the driving and energy consumption has been optimized. One can confirm that over 35 years of quattro is behind the success story.


According to the company the combined fuel consumption is 1,8-1,9 l per 100 km and the CO2 emissions about 50 g per km.  The driving range with electric power is about 50 kilometers. The good thing is also that the whole driving range is about 1400 kilometers.

The lightning of the car is excellent while during the night the given scene is nearly the same as daylight. This is because of the innovatively configured Led-lights. Also the rear lights increase the shining comfort. Safety is among the top things also for Audi.

And when you want to have a break during  your journey, parking is made very easy with 360 degree camera.

For the driver it is possible to integrate either the Apple or Anroid smart phone in order to get the phone calls and text messages directly to the display.  It also allows you to listen to your own music or dictate your messages or have them read to you.  The application also allows you to lock or unlock the car.

The interior design is high-quality, with different leather and other materials. The colors are reflecting the natural beauty and harmony.

This car is sure for business and one can compare it for example with Volvo XC90. Both are massive cars but still dynamic and easy to drive with design and technology to details.




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