BMW is one of leading car manufacturers with design and quality.  This hybrid BMW X5 was also an example of the modern feeling and functions. The SUV, or should we say SAV (sports activity vechile)  is having powerful engines with engine power (HP) 245 and combined electricity consumption 15,3 kWH per 100 km. Electrical range is roughly 31 kilometers or 22 kilometers with everyday use.

The EU emission classification is EU6, but it will be seen later this year what is the real driving emissions (RDE), when the EU is setting the new real emissions standards. It is also expected that the UK will follow the new EU standards in spite of Brexit. In this SUV, the combined carbon is 77 g per kilometer according to the company information. The carbon for driving in the city or in highways are not given yet.

Your first impression of the safety in this car is the seat belt. It matches your body after you start the driving, but also giving the needed flexibility in every situation.  Also the other assistant services like iOs or Android integrated services like locking/unlocking, engine oil levels, tyre pressures can be also done via the application remotedly.

The BMW Group has integrated the connected car  & mobility functions in its core services as well and lately it bought the company called DriveNow, which enables car sharing in different cities globally. But at the same time the company is building with other car manufacturers a European network of charging stations.

Electricity target for the BMW company is that the group have reduced the Co2 emissions by at least 50 % compared to the base year 1995. This target is for the year 2020.

For this plug-in-hybrid X5 car, the charging is easy and the company has made a service package for home and office locations.   Later on, as cars, hybrids and electric cars are having the same kind of functions in the vechiles, one of the most important competitive edges will be the total service offering and quality in the processes. The building of the infrastructure is happening at the moment.

The luckage storage was big enough for example for sports equipments altough the litium-batteries were below the trunck floor. And the size of traditional gasoline fuel tank was 83 liters/21,9 US gallons.

The interior design and comfort with driving are excellent. Leather, led lights finish the feeling.

The Group has made a video of the BMW  X5 adventures in Asia.  Notice that car is not hybrid. Watch the video here:



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