Sometimes you get really impressed with the speed by the small-size cars. Like the new Golf GTE hybrid. By the look you could never quess that the car is having combined 150 kW, which allows you to speed from 1 to 100 km/h in 7,6 seconds. Amazing combination of electric and gasoline engines.

The combination works very well also for short distance travelling  with 50 kilometers range of electric power. According to the company information the combined CO2 emissions are 36-40 g/km. The energy from using brakes is also storaged and reused during the drive.

This plug-in-hybrid is having 5 seats and guite large luckage space. The fuel tank capacity is 50 liters. In the infosystem you can easily connect with your mobile phone via Car-Net App and it includes for example an European wide map service, navigation and it allows you to use your own applications as well.

It is also good to check what is the quarantee of the batteries in your car. Volkswagen is saying that it gives 8 years quarantee for the batteries or 160 000 km.

Golf GTE is really a Volkswagen (VOW), enabling safety and quality in a package, which includes technology into details.

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