The Volvo Cars Group  (VOLVB) has presented their new hybrid car – V60.  It is designed to meet the quality, design and safety needs of everyday life in the city and countryside.

According to the company  “the car was launched in its natural habitat – the driveway of a family home in Stockholm – highlighting Volvo Cars’ pedigree in family estates and pinpointing how the V60’s versatile design caters to the diverse needs and realities of modern family life.”

This five-door, mid-size premium estate & plug-in hybrid can have combined power from 340 hp to 390 hp (petrol & electricity).  Volvo says it will also produce a diesel version of this model. The driving range with electricity is estimated to be about 45 kilometers. The lithium batteries are in the center of the car, so this enables more space for sporting goods.

The price of the Volvo V60 T6 Twin Engine Inscription level is 518 900 SEK  and the V60 T8 is 548 900 SEK.

– They will go on sale during summer time in Sweden and the start of the production is during the autumn time. First cars should be ready during the first quarter of 2019, the Volvo-company spokesperson confirmes.

The company also announced that they are offering a lease version instead of owning a Volvo.

– Our premium subscription service Care by Volvo offers car access via a monthly flat-fee subscription rather than ownership. Care by Volvo makes having a car as transparent, easy and hassle free as having a mobile phone, the company says.

This service is available for example in Germany, Norway, Sweden, Poland, Spain, UK and USA.



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