lake-view-Zurich-Marriott-Hotel (9)Zurich is an excellent travel destination with charming old town and still very modern shopping district. There are so many places to visit and the city is offering a variety of different cultural activitites such as opera, theatres, exhibitions, concerts and museums.

During your visit a buger meal with local taste, fresh vegetables and nature ingredients, is thus a good way to learn also the Zurich fast, slow food.

We have now  a good listing for the best burgers in Zurich for you. This list is made with co-operation with Zurich Marriott Hotel.

Jack & Jo, Gustav-Gull-Platz 2, 8004 Zurich,

b.good, Oberdorfstrasse 8, 8001 Zurich,

the Butcher, Stussihofstatt 15, 8001, Zurich,

Gerold Chuchi, Geroldstrasse 5, 8005 Zurich,

the Bite, Brauerstrasse 15, 8004 Zurich,

If you cannot find it here, check also these places: Big Ben Westside, Holy Cow, Helvti Diner, Heidi & Tell and James Joyce.  Take a tour & enjoy the fast, slow food!


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