Stock markets were down again in Asia, Europe and Wall Street on Thursday. One of the biggest threats was the tiggering question of the US China trade talks after the Chinese telecom group Huawei news. The company confirmed that its CFO has been arrested related to the Iran sanctions.

S&P 500 -index ended down 0,15 % to 2695 points and Dow Jones was down by 0,32 % to 24947 points. The tech-lead Nasdaq was able to turn to positive at the end of the day trading and was up 0,42 % to 7188 points.

In Europe the sell side was dominant and the main indexes ended over 3 % down. In Paris the CAC 40 -index ended down 3,32 % to 4780 points, in Frankfurt the DAX-index ended down 3,48 % to 10810 points and FTSE 100 -index in London  down 3,15 % to 6704 points.

In Asia the Hang Seng index ended down  2,47 % to 26 156 points. In th commodities side, gold was up 0,10 cents to 1237 US-dollars an ounce.

Oil talks have been going on in Vienna and the next meeting in expected to be on Friday. The Brent Crude Oil was down 2,13 % to 60,25 dollars. The OPEC proposal of the cut of 1 million barrels a day was not finalised.



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