US President Donald Trump said on Tuesday, the Christmas Day, that the US stocks offer now opportunities to buy. He commented the stock market turbulence and information related to Treasury Secretary, Federal Reserve and the US economy in general.

He said that he has the confidence related to the Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin. The fianncial markets were surprised by the information that Mr Mnuchin had called the largest banks related to the market volatility and liquidity issues this week. He also spoke with the market regulators.

President Trump also pointed that there is now opportunities in the stock markets while the US companies are great and they are doing well. News related to the Federal Reserve and its policy and management, the President repeated that the Central Bank has raised intetrest rates too quickly, but in general he is confident with the bank otherwise.

The financial markets were closed on Tuesday. On Wednesday, the 26th December or Boxing Day, the markets will be open in the Nasdaq and NYSE stock exchanges. But on the other hand, the markets will be closed in the London Stock Exchange and in the Nordics on Wednesday.

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