The UK Prime Minister Theresa May will be offering a second vote for the Parliament Members regarding the Brexit-deal. The idea of this is that next week the Parliament will have the voting on Thursday, the 14th of February and a second time by the 27th Feb, if needed.

The idea is to give more time for the UK Goverment to have negotiations with the EU about the Irish border issue. If the UK-EU negotiations will not have any new outcome, the MPs will have the second vote by the end of February.

The possibility of no-Brexit deal has increased  the unease and uncertainty in corporate side and raised concerns over the economic growth in the UK. This is also the situation in the US, while some of the US listed companies have filed notices to the markets of the possible uncertainty and future risks.

According to Financial Times, for example defence company Lockheed Martin, food company McCormick and travel company Expedia have expressed their increased risks concerns to investors over longer-term business operations related to no-deal Brexit.

Lockheed Martin, which filed the annual 10K document to the SEC, said that the company´s business is highly sensitive to changes in regulations, political environments and security risks that could affect the company ability to conduct business outside the US.

– We continue to evaluate the potential effect of the United Kingdom’s (UK) planned departure from the European Union (EU) on our business operations and financial results.  We anticipate that the most probable near-term effects are likely to reflect the pressure Brexit is placing on the UK government, which may influence the government’s ability to make decisions on large complex programs of the type we perform. Brexit may also have adverse tax effects on movement of products or sustainment activities between the UK and EU. Additionally, Brexit may impact the value of the pound sterling. If the pound sterling were to remain depressed against the U.S. dollar, this could negatively impact the ability of the UK government to afford our products, the company said.

– Currently, we do not anticipate that Brexit will have a material impact on our operations or our financial results, Lockheed Martin stated in the document, which was filed on the 8th February.

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