Samsung Electronics (005930) announced today the first folding mobile ever.  This new type of mobile phone is targeted to the very heavy users and pros, who can now have all the digital content at the same time via the large screen. This is like opening the book of AR (augmented reality) content.

According to Samsung, “Galaxy Fold was designed with smartphone users in mind – driven by bigger and better form factors that boost their experiences. Galaxy Fold changes to the screen you need, the moment you need it. Slip it out of your pocket for one-handed calls, texts, and more and open for endless multitasking and higher quality viewing on our largest mobile display for presentations, digital magazines, movies, and AR content.”


The new mobile phone is priced at 1980 dollars and should be ready for shipping in April. The Galaxy Fold has a 4.6 inch display when folded and a 7.3 inch screen when unfolded.

According to Samsung they worked closely with Facebook, Google and Microsoft in order to make the apps working smoothly in every situation over and over again. The phone has 12 gigabytes of memory and 512 gigabytes of storage and it has Android operating system (9.0)

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