The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has today confirmed the earlier news and promised the option to MPs to delay the Brexit-deal or ruling out a no-deal Brexit if the Parliament rejects the Cabinet´s proposal.

This means that the meaningful vote will be as planned on the 12th March about the Cabinet´s Brexit-deal. And if this fails, on the 13th of March the MPs will vote if they support a non-deal Brexit. If this would win, it would mean that the UK would leave without a deal on the 29th March.

If this vote is negative, there would be third voting on the 14th March. And it is about the extension of the Brexit deal beyond the 29th March.

According to May, she is still focused on the 12 March voting for the deal in order to leave with a deal on the 29th March.

On Wednesday the Parliament will vote about the sequences of votes.

The UK Prime Minister May said also that the goverment is publishing a paper assessing the readiness for a non-deal Brexit and the serious challenges it would pose, according to BBC.- But this paper provides an honest assessment of the very serious challenges it would bring in the short-term and further, she said.


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