The stock markets ended up on Monday trading in Wall Street. The markets got the positive spirit from the outlook of the US China trade talks. the US President Donald Trump tweeted on Sunday that he will extend the tariffs deadline with China.

In China the stocks jumped over 5 % of the news that US is postponing the tariffs deadline on March 1st. In Europe the growth was milder.

Dow Jones ended up 0,23 % to 26091 points on Monday, S&P 500 index ended up 0,12 % to 2796 points and tech-index Nasdaq ended up 0,36 % to 7554 points.

In Europe the stocks did not rally that much than in the Asia and in Paris the CAC 40 -index ended up 0, 31 % to 5231 points and in Frankfurt the DAX-index was up 0,42 % to 11505 points.

In China, the Shanghai index ended up 5,60 % to 2961 points and CSI-index 5,95 % to 3729 points. In Hong Kong the HangSeng index ended up 0,50 % to 28959 points and in Tokyo the Nikkei-index ended up 0,48 % to 21 528 points.

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