The two big German banks, the Deutsche Bank and Commerzbank (CBK) are having merger talks. According to several news sources, the German Goverment has already given positive signs to the possible merger. According to Reuters, the decision should be announced in the coming weeks.

If the merger would take place the combined banks would have a market value of 24 billion euros, while at the moment the Deutsche Banks (DBK)´s value is at 15,90 billion euros. The both banks have had downward trend in the stock market, while Deutsche´s share has decreased 13 % and Commerzbanks´s 12,4 % during a year period.

Deutsche Bank´s revenue was 5553 million euros in 2017 compared to Commerzbank´s 2036 million euros. Deutsche´s profit margin was -7,65 % and Commerzbank´s 5,55 %.

The German Goverment owns over 15 % of the Commerzbank, while Deutsche is owned by institutional shareholders, which represent 81 % of the shares. Majority of shareholders are located in Germany.

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