The Thrusday trading day has been very intense when it comes to Brexit. The UK Cabinet announced during the day that Prime Minister Theresa May´s Brexit-deal might have a third vote next week Thursday if the Cabinet find it wortwhile.

According to the Cabinet, the Prime Minister will ask for short delay for the Brexit, if the deal is approved by March 20. If the deal is not approved by that, it will require longer time.

The EU President of the European Council  Donald Tusk tweeted today, that he will ask the EU leaders to be open for a long extension of the Arcticle 50 and delay of Brexit.

The EU elections at the end of May might have their impact to the timetable. If the delay is a longer one, it would mean that the UK will be participating the elections as well.

The US President Donald Trump said today that he is looking for a large-scale bilateral trade deal with EU after the Brexit time.

The stock markets have been steady with little positive trend in the largest exhanges in Europe. In Frankfurt the DAX was up 0,28 %, in Paris the CAC was up 0,64 % and in London the FTSE was up 0,68 %.

The UK sterling was down 0,52 % to 1,3269 dollars and euro down 0,19 % to 1,130 dollars. The US-dollar was up against Japanese yen with 0,40 % to 111,61 yens and against Canadian dollars by 0,29%.

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