The UK Parliament is voting also on Thursday about the Brexit delay. One of the options is that the Cabinet’s timetable leaving on the 29th March is extended if the EU accept the delay. Today´s voting can lead to different outcomes: a delay, the passing of the Cabinet’s Brexit deal anyhow as last minute, no-deal exit or another referendum.

The EU Commission confirmed on Thursday that the delay would require a justification but also the comments from member countries for example from Germany and Ireland showing their interest to find a sound solution to the situation.  It is assumed that EU would prefer only a short extension ending before the EU parliamentary elections on May 24-26.

No-deal Brexit would mean that there would not be transition period to soften the distruption to trade and business.

The stock markets were up on Thursday trading  in Europe and for example the Frankfurt DAX-index was up 0.42 % to 11 572 points and in Paris the CAC 40 -index was up 0,69 % to 5306 points. In London the FTSE all share index was up 0,14 % to 3926 points.

The UK sterling ws down 0,41 % to 1,328 dollars and euro was down 0,04 % to 1,1323 dollars.

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