The UK Goverment is now having discussions how to proceed with Brexit, while yesterday evening the UK Parliament rejected all the proposals related to Brexit. The deadline for the UK to leave the EU is the April 12th.

According to Bloomberg News, the ministers are likely to be asked to postpone the date for leaving the block until potentially year-end or beyond in order to allow more time to resolve the deadlock in the Parliament.

Postponing the deadline would also mean that the UK would have to take part in the EU elections in May. There has also been speculation of general elections in a way out of the deadlock.

On the other hand Brexit Secretary Steve Barclay has commented  today that if the Parliament could agree the deal during this week, it could be possible to avoid the extension of the deal and the EU elections.

The UK sterling was down 0,47 % to 1,304 dollars in today´s trading. During one month period, the stocks have gained in major markets: FTSE 100 -index +3,24 %, DAX +0,8 %, CAC40- index +2,70%, S&P 500 -index +,226%, Nasdaq+3,07 % and Dow Jones -index +0,89% in New York.


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