The Brexit deadline is on the next week Friday. The UK Parliament voted on Wednesday that the UK approves the delay law, but it also makes it possible for the Parliament to propose different lenght of the Brexit extension than for example the Goverment has proposed. The meaning of this law was also to prevent the situation with no-deal Brexit.

The law passed the House of Commons with votes 313 – 312 and it is expected that the House of Lords will have their say about the law today.

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May and the Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn met also yesterday in order to seek more co-operation and integration. According to several media sources, the meeting went well, and was “constructive” but there are still things to do.

According to Bloomberg News, the customs might be the area, where compromises are possible to seek and according to Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond “some kind of customs arrangements is clearly going to be a part of the future structure.”

The EU leaders summit will be next week Wednesday in Brussels and Prime Minister May would need some kind of  Brexit plan to present in order to get more extension.

According to EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, EU is not giving Brexit extension and he repeated that the UK Parliament must back the exit deal by April 12th in order to get the extension to the May 22th. Otherwise the UK will be forced to longer extension and possible with the EU elections as well.

Yesterday the financial markets closed up in Wall Street. Dow Jones ended up 0,15 % to 26218 points, S&P 500 0,21 % to 2873 points and Nasdaq 0,60 % to 7895 points.

Today the trading has been mixed in the Asian markets. Hang Seng in Hong Kong has been down 0,52 % to 29 831 points, but the Nikkei has been up 0,03 % to 21 719 points. The South Korean Kospi has been up 0,12 % to 2205 points.

The sterling is up 0,11 % to 1,3173 US-dollars and the euro is up 0,08 % to 1,124 dollars.


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