The UK Goverment and Labout party Brexit-talks have ended for this day without progress. According to several media sources, the Labour party says that the Goverment was not willing to offer real change or compromise.

According to Goverment spokesperson, there is no date set for Brexit alternatives to be put to the Parliament or the deadline for the Labour talks to conclude.

The Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar said today that a longer Brexit delay might make more sense than series of short term extensions, according to Bloomberg News.

The EU Council President Donald Tusk has been offering a longer term delay to the Brexit negotations for a longer time. The EU leaders will be discussing the delay request  of the Prime Minister  on Wednesday next week in Brussels.

The UK Prime Minister Theresa May wrote today to the EU and asked for a longer delay until June 30 to solve the Brexit situation, also with an option to leave earlier if possible.

The stock markets were having an upward trend today in Europe and in the US. Dow Jones is not up 0,05 % to 26 397 points, S&P 500 is up 0,25 % to 2886 points and Nasdaq 0,49% to 7930 points.

In Europe the DAX-indec closed up 0,18 % to 12009 points and the France CAC 40-index up 0,23  % to 5476 points. In London the FTSE all share index ended up 0,51 % to 4067 points.

The sterling is down 0,44 % to 1,3019 dollars and the euro is also down 0,04 % to 1,126 dollars.

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