The UK Prime Minister Theresa May said on Sunday evening that the Goverment will continue the talks with the Labour party during this week.  She also commented that compromise is needed on both sides in order to proceed with the talks and Brexit agreement.

During Monday the House of Lords will also discuss about the bill to stop the non-deal spilt with the European Union.

The EU leaders are having their meeting on Wednesday in Brussels and last week PM Theresa May send a letter to Mr Donald Tusk in order to ask for the delay of the Brexit-deal until June 30 if needed.

The stock markets were on mixed on Mondy. In Asia the Hang Seng index in Hong Kong ended up 0,31 % to 30 029 points, but the Nikkei-index ended down 0,21 % to 21 761 points in Japan.

In Europe the early trading was in negative territory while the CAC 40-index was down 0,12 % to 5469 points, the German DAX-index was down 0,29 % to 11 974 points and the London FTSE was down 0,28 % to 6692 points.

The sterling was up 0,17 % to 1,3060 dollars and the euro was up 0,06 % to 1,1223 dollars.

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