The US – China trade talks are to continue this week. Although there have been different opinions of the timetable and the level of the negotiations, there are positive comments about the situation.

Accordign to the South China Morning Post, both countries said last week that progress was made in the talks, although the White House commented that there is a lot of  work to be done still. President Donald Trump called the deal to be an epic and historic if it happens.

There has been an estimate of the 4 week extenstion to the negotiations, but China has not commented the timetable.

Today on Tuesday the US President Donald Trump commented the trade negotiations with the EU and said that the US will propose 11 billion  dollars worth of tariffs on production from the EU.

The reason for this is that the World Trade Organization (WTO) has found that the subsidies to Airbus have impacted the US trade. According to the administration the tariffs would affect for example civilian aircraft and agricultural goods (including the French cheese and Italian olive oil).

The China International Expo is also having its roadshow in Europe at the same time. Today the roadshow was in Helsinki. The 2nd China International Import Expo Business Exhibition will be in Shanghai in November this year.

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