The stock markets ended up in Wall Street on Wednesday. The Federal Reserve published its minutes of the meeting, but there were no surprises for the markets. Actually, the markets expect the Fed rather to cut the rates than to rise. The same situation was also today in Europe, when the ECB had its press conference after the Council meeting.

The ECB decided to hold the rates unchanged and the same outlook is for the year end 2019. The ECB also announced it will be watching the economic development ir order to make further decisions. The trade talks between US, China and Europe have lowered the economic growth forecasts.

Dow Jones ended up 0,04 % to 26160 points and S&P 500 -index ended up 0,36 % to 2888 points. Nasdaq closed up 0,69 % to 7964 points.

The earnings season is starting on Friday and it is also the day the UK will be leving the EU if no-deal is reached. The EU leaders meeting in Brussels is still going on, but it is expected that the EU will grant UK more time to solve the Brexit. The lenght of the delay is now the big question.

In Europe the FTSE 100 -index closed down 0,05 % to 7421 points, while the Paris CAC 40 -index ended up 0, 25 % to 5449 points and the German DAX-index ended up 0,47 % to 11905 points.

The UK sterling was up 0,29 % to 1,3090 dollars and the euro was up 0,07 % to 1,127 dollars.


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