The French luxury group Kering Group (KER) reported that the sales of the first quarter were up 21,8 % to 3648 million euros. The sales of the Gucci brand products rose nearly 25 % to 2352 million euros.

The Kering said that all regions performed well, particular Asia-Pasific, which showed 29,6 % increase in the sales. Online sales continued also to grow.

According to the company both carryovers and newness made strong success in the Gucci products. The sales in Asia-Pacific rose 35,3 % and in Japan 15,8 %. The sales of Yves Saint Laurent were 497 million euros, up 21,9 %  and Bottega Veneta 248 million euros, down 0,05 %.

At the corporate governance side the Kering announced that it has appointed Ms Sophie L Helias as lead independent directort to speak about the ESG issues on behalf of the Board, with coordination of the Chairman of the Board Francois-Henri Pinault.

Th company is listed in the Paris Stock Exchange with the market cap of 67,9 billion euros.

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