The China Silk Road will be one of the topics next week, when the country is arranging a Summit around the theme.The Belt and Road Initiative is a key initiative of the President Xi Jinping to rebuild the old Silk Road from China to Europe and beyond.
The Initiative has got questions about the Chinese influence abroad and the possible unsustainable long-term financial arrangements and also human rights. According to Reuters, the US Goverment will send only low level representatives to the event, while the countries are also working with the trade talks.

Chinese top diplomat, State Councillor Wang Yi told media representatives that the Initiative have brought real benefits to participating countries.

– The partnership relationship is not geopolitical tool, but a platform for co-operation, he said on Friday.

According to the China Goverment, the State is welcoming all to come up with constructive suggestions while the Initiative will be developing over time.

The Summit will be at the end of April and countries like Pakistan, Russia, Switzerland and Austria will be sending their foreign leaders to the Summit. More than 150 countries are sending their delegations to the Summit. Italy was the first G7 country to sign the partnership last month.

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