Microplastics can be found also in the air. According to the New York Times, French researchers have found thousands and thousands of microplastic particles raining down in the Pyreneers. Microplastics, which are source of the water and ocean pollution, may also travel by air.

According to the article 11.400 pieces of microplastic per square meter per month, on average was the research outcome. Researchers, lead by Deonie Allen, called them invisible atmospheric pollutants. According to the study a lot of microplastic pollution comes from cities, landfills and farms that have sprayed with wastewater treatment sludge.

Some countries, including Britain, have banned the use of microplastic or microbeads  for example in cosmetics in order to avoid the pollution inflow to rivers and seas.

The European Chemical Agency, Echa, has proposed EU-wide restrictions by 2020 on using deliberately added microplastics in products like cosmetics, paints, coatings, fertiliser granules and medical devices in order to reduce plastic waste.

According to the estimate  about 70.000 -200.000 tonnes of added microplastics end up in the environment each year.

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