The UK Prime Minister Theresa May has today announced that the country will participate the EU elections on the 23 May.The Goverment also said that it is continuing the cross-party talks with Labour Union in order the reach the Brexit deal.

According to Financial Times, a study from reasearch company Sandbag,the UK would lose over 1 billion pounds revenue in carbon allowances if there is no Brexit deal at the end of the year.This is because the UK is not participating the European Emissions Trading Systems in no-deal Brexit. 

According to the ETSI,the UK has got millions of carbon allowances each year based on the cap and trade programme. The price of carbon is trading around 25 euros per tonne.

Last week the UK Goverment declared a climate emergency and said it will target net zero carbon emissionsby 2050.

The stock markets were down  in London and the FTSE All Share index was down 0,24 % to 3975points.In Germany the DAX index was up 0,39 %to 12 139 points and in France the CAC40 index was slightly up,0,04% to 5397points.

The sterling was trading down 0,51 % to 1,347 dollars and the euro was up 0,09% to 1,12dollars.

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