European stock markets are heading upward after the negative territory after the US China trade war. The  London FTSE 100 index was up 0,64 % to 7209 points and the German DAX index was trading up 0,28 % to 11910 points and the France CAC 40 index was up 0,66 % to 5297 points during the midday trading.

Monday was black in the global stock markets when the US China trade war ascalated.The Dow Jones dropped 2,38 % to 25342 points,the S&P 500 index 2,41 %to 2811 points and the tech-heavy Nasdaq index dropped 3,41 % to 7647 points. The slide was due to the Chinese Goverment that said it will raise tariffs related to US goods to China worth of 60 billion dollars.The deadline for the Chinese tariffs is in June.

The ride-hailing companies Uber and Lyft declined further. Uber (Uber) dropped 10,75 % to 37,80 dollars and Lyft(Lyft) 5,75 % to 48,50 dollars.

The global investment banker Goldman Sachs announced on Monday that the company wil list new ESG products in Europe that track indexes from Stoxx, a unite of Deutsche Borse AG. The products, which include derivates, will invest in companies found in three indexes, the Euro Stoxx 50 Low Carbon, Europe Climate Impact ex global compact weapons and tobacco index and the Stoxx Europe 600 ESG X-index.

This means for example that companies that perform low with ESG ratings or with CDP-ratings, are not included in Goldman Sachs products. According to Stoxx, the products will be listed in Amsterdam Euronext Stock Exchange.

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