The EU leaders meeting in Brussels today was the start of the new leaders discussions in the EU. The German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the French President Emmanuel Macron expressed their different views of the new leader candidate for the EU Commission.

Manfred Weber has been the lead candidate for the EPP (centre-right), but President Macron was mentioning other candidates  for this position. This was the first time the EU leaders met after the EU elections last Sunday. Luxembourg´s Jean-Claude Juncker in stepping down on October 31st.

There are also other leading positions open to fulfil like European Council President (now Donald Tusk), the head of European Central Bank ECB (now Mario Draghi) and the EU representative for Foreign Affairs (now Federica Mogherini).

The EU elections last weekend put the seats in the EU Parliament to new order. Here are the main representatives for the 751 seats in the EU Parliament:

  • socialists & democrats (146)
  • greens (69)
  • liberals (109)
  • centre-rights (180)
  • conservatives (59)
  • populists (54)
  • right-wing nationalists (58)
  • left (39)

The timetable for the new leaders is somewhat open, others expect the names to be ready by July and others expect them during the autumn time.









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