20190324_1538516782124581227451604.jpgThe French luxury group Kering (KER) announced its half year figures, which showed the revenue growth of 18,8 % to 7,6 billion euros. Sales in Asia-Pacific area rose 21 %, in Japan 10%, in Western Europe +14,8 % and in North America +7,3 %.

The sales of the Gucci brand was nearly 20 % reaching to 4,6 billion euros during the first six months 2019. The sales of Yves Saint Laurent rose 20,4 % to 973 million euros and Bottega Venetta´s sales decreased 0, 6 % to 549 million euros. Others, which include also jewellery, rose 23 % to 1,2 billion euros. Online-sales rose 16 %.

According to Kering press release, the gross margin was 5,6 billion euros in the group and ebitda rose 19,6 % to 2,8 billion euros.

The company’s share price declined 2,04 % to 508,90 euros in Paris today. The market cap of the Kering Group is 64,2 billion euros.

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