The US tech company Apple (AAPL) published its fourth quarter earnings release today. According to the info, the company revenue increased 2 % to 64 billion dollars and earnings per share to 3,03 dollars (+4 %) compared a year ago.

-We concluded a groundbreaking fiscal 2019 with our highest Q4 revenue ever, fueled by accelerating growth from Services, Wearables and iPad,” said Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO.
-With customers and reviewers raving about the new generation of iPhones, today’s debut of new, noise-cancelling AirPods Pro, the hotly-anticipated arrival of Apple TV+ just two days away, and our best lineup of products and services ever, we’re very optimistic about what the holiday quarter has in store, he continued.
The service segment showed all time high revenue of 12,5 billion dollars and the international sales were about 60 % of groups total sales.
Apple said its iPhones sales were 33,3 billion dollars during the fourth quarter compared to 36,7 billion dollars in the previous year. 12 months iPhone sales were 142 billion dollars.
The sales of iPads were 4656 million dollars and annually 21,2 billion dollars. The sales of wearables like Apple Watch, were 6520 million dollars and annually 24,5 billion dollars. Services sector also increased to 12,5 billion dollars in the fourth quarter and the 12 month sales were 46,2 billion dollars.
Apple spent 4100 million dollars in R &D during the quarter and totally 16,2 billion dollars in a year.
The operating income for the quarter was 15,6 billion dollars and for the whole year 63,9 billion dollars. Net income was 13,6 billion dollars.
Apple is estimating that during the first quarter of fiscal 2020, the revenue could be between 85,5 – 89,5 billion dollars and gross margin between 37,5 – 38,5 %.

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