The US tech company Apple (AAPL) launched last week two euro-denominated Green Bonds with maturities of 6 and 12 years. According to the company the aim of the new Green Bonds is to foster energy efficiency in the company supply chain and products and cut carbon emissions. Total amount is 2 billion euros.

The company has three environmental priorities in its framework which the bonds are targeted also:

  1. Climate change: Mitigate the company impact on climate change by reducing the comprehensive carbon footprint.
  2. Smarter Chemistry: Pioneer the use of greener materials in the company products and processes.
  3. Resources: Conserve Earth’s resources by transitioning to recycled and renewable materials in the products, and by minimizing water and waste in the company operations and throughout the product lifecycle.

Apple said also that it intends to list the bonds in the Nasdaq Bond Exchange.

The Green Bonds markets have been growing steadily this year and it is expected that the overall issuance will reach over 200 billion dollars this year.

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